Web Analytics

My first rule of thumb for all clients is – own your own analytics! This means setting up a Google account and opening an analytic account within this. If you do this at the launch of your site it will pay dividends over time as you add in other Google Tools and analyse how your site and/or different campaigns perform. If your web developer added analytics to your site, check that they were set up in a Google account specifically for you and are not in amongst all the developers other client accounts.

Google analytics is the best free tool on the market to give you statistics on how your website is performing, who is visiting it, how they are finding it and how it can be improved.

We can set up your analytics for you, add profiles, advanced segments, set up custom reporting, ensure your e-commerce site registers sales and we make sure every business has goals set up to monitor how well the site is performing over time.

Analytic reporting complements all digital campaigns and although there are better analytic software programmes out there, there is not much Google wont give you in the way of data if you know how to drill into the system and interpret the numbers.

Call us on the number above and chat through what you would like to understand about your website to see if Google can deliver this data in a report format you understand and can take action upon.


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