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Framing a Social Media Campaign

The Challenge

Recently, I met with a fellow networker who wanted to discuss a social media campaign for his business. He and his manager had LinkedIn profiles and he wanted the campaign to focus on this platform alone.

After working through how his business model worked and his sales cycle, I narrowed down the real problem to be solved and we worked through the financials to set out the value of this campaign and its KPIs.

However, you cannot run a campaign on LinkedIn alone. LinkedIn is great for connecting with people you know, people you would like to get to know and to follow companies you are interested in – it is much easier to connect with business professionals you have never met in person on LinkedIn than it is on Facebook, where people share personal information in their updates.

The Framework

So, I was asked, how do you frame a social campaign, and which platforms do I need? Well, for anyone else in the same position, the first thing to do is to create a blog, create a twitter account. and any other social account you feel you can manage in-house or are happy to pay to have managed – LinkedIn being the most obvious one.

With the basics of a blog, twitter account and LinkedIn profile you can then set out a goal for your social activity. Are you aiming to raise awareness of your brand/services/products or looking to interact with a particular group of local people/professionals etc or are you looking to attract customers / direct sales?

Creating Content

Next you have to think about why customers use your company? What characteristics do they have, what similariities run through their profiles – this is creating the Personas that you aim to attract to your blog and will influence the content you create.

Next you have to think about your editorial calendar – how are you going to engage with these different personas, what do they want to know that you can share, how are you going to produce this content – text blogs, podcasts, Google Hangouts, video productions, slide shares, images – the list is endless, so this needs some thought and also segmenting into different time frames.

A popular strategy is to run different articles on the same subject on the same day of the week – so separating your information into 5 categories one for each day of the week works well and is easier to thnk through and manage. If you do not have time to blog daily, categories can be reduced to however many posts you can produce.

Once you have created this calendar and have researched the resources to make it happen remember to leave room for topical, news worthy content relevant to your business.

Sharing is Caring

Next you share this content with your social connections. Try joining groups of interested parties on LinkedIn – you will be amazed at what you learn here. Try creating lists on Twitter and then really engaging and sharing content as it comes up in conversation with these groups. If you’re a location based business look into the social, local, mobile apps and platforms such as Foursquare where you can engage with people who actually use your business.

The platforms related to Google’s business seem to be the most effective and efficient in terms of Google visibiltiy – so get that Google+ account up and running, have a few Hangout interviews with connections, business users, clients or just share information in video format – these can be automatically uploaded into your YouTube Channel.

Digital communication channels are relentless in their number and ability to share information. The important bit is listening, engaging, and creating something useful that other users will enjoy and maybe learn from too. I hope you learned something here and if so please feel free to share!

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