Social Media Campaign Management

If you are thinking of starting a social media presence or looking for an agency to help with your social media campaign management, then it pays to plan ahead and create an appropriate social strategy before anything goes live.

At Mash, we identify the best channels for your company based on your target audience(s), brand these social channels, add Facebook pages if required, widgets or even mobile applications to enhance your social communications.

Once a social presence has been established we help you identify the community you would like to target and then work with you to build this community, engage with this audience and measure the results.

Social Media Marketing has 2 aspects to it:

Social Advertising

Advertising on different social media platforms is a good way to target users by age, location, hobbies and interests.  You can build brand awareness this way – remembering that you are bringing your brand into their personal space, so subtle advertising is key.

Social Engagement

By following users of interest within your location, vertical market and through the conversations they enter into, you can talk directly to potential and realtime customers. This form of engagement does help your brand but it is not about pushing out messages about your brand, it is about being helpful, providing a customer service, an insight into your brand that cannot be shared on the main website.

Social platforms are not free advertising billboards – please do not use them to continually advertise your company, its products and services.  Promoting an event, conference or workshop works well here – especially to an engaged audience interested in finding out more about your offering, but in essence social is a place to listen, share and engage with other.

We cant stress enough that a social media campaign is a totally different beast from SEO, PPC or an Email Marketing campaign and requires a lot of planning, management and follow up to succeed.

Measuring its success needs clear buy in at all levels of your organisation and agreed KPIs – give us a call if you have an idea and would like a digital agency to partner with you and help pull together a social strategy and marketing campaign.