Search (SEO)

The last few years have seen a rapid evolution of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Digital marketing has become more sophisticated, part of the wider marketing landscape, not just a dark art where success is known to a few.

Focusing on rankings for a few trophy keywords seems as old fashioned as black and white TV.

The digital world moves quickly, and our promise is that we’re agile and quick enough to move with it. We won’t ‘SEO your website’, buy loads of dodgy links or keyword stuff your  pages so they become unreadable to normal human beings.

Contemporary SEO is about using a suite of services like content, social media and paid advertising to engage with your audience; about using analytics and big data to understand a campaign’s impact for your business. In essence it is about knowing your market, your business, your products, and creating a digital campaign that benefits everyone involved.

At Mash we start with the basics – we look at your website, your audience and you core offerings – and then use this knowledge to develop a digital marketing strategy. We use the channels and opportunities we believe your audience will respond to and ensure everything is planned, measurable and reportable.

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