Knowledge is – as they say – power, and when it comes to your website and marketing campaigns being able to measure performance gives you demonstrable power. Analytics is one of the core tactics we offer clients because it underpins everything else we do; it powers every campaign.

It is so important have your analytics set up so it collects the best data it’s always one of the first things we check when working with a new client.

For most of us, Google Analytics is the software of choice, but while you can get an extraordinary amount of information from this platform, our expertise lies in knowing the questions to ask of the data – this way we don’t get lost in the sea of numbers, but find the answers that we can determine the direction the strategy is taking and how well the campaigns are performing.

So whether it’s reporting on the performance of paid advertising campaigns, whether the number of people reading your content is going up or not, or seeing how many people are being referred to the site from a social media campaign, analytics can provide the answers. It’s part of research, campaign planning, and reporting performance – basically it’s everywhere.

Just to show how well we all know analytics (aside from the fact that we use it every day), we’re also proud to say that we’re all certified users – each of us having passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

In addition to using our Analytics knowledge as standard with all our clients, we can also provide training on Google Analytics. It’s a hugely powerful tool, but very daunting until you know what you’re doing – it’s very easy just to get swamped by the data. So whether it’s for one person in your company or the whole team we’re more than happy to run you a course in either the basics or more in-depth analytics – simply Contact Us to find out more.