Digital Marketing Tactics

You may have specific digital marketing tactics in mind for your business or just want to try one at a time to see which works for you.  Wherever your starting point is, we try to focus on the end goals of your company and develop a strategy to meet these goals using the right combination of tactics listed below.

Digital marketing can help grow your business and our approach is not to work in silos but to offer a bespoke service, working with your business each month to build on what is working and do more of it, reducing or removing from the marketing campaign that which is not helping your business grow.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, or getting your business in front of users who use a search engine to find the products or services you offer.  This involves a good marketing plan and communicating with your audience in a clear way, building lots of good informative content which can be linked to and shared.  It’s the art of communicating and the science and know how of making it work that we share with our clients.

PPC or paid advertising, sponsored listings or pay per click ads, whatever you call it this uses a platform such as Google Adwords to set up a campaign where you pay to have your business positioned in front of users searching for its products/services at the top and right hand side of the search results.

Email Marketing one of the most valuable yet over-used and abused methods of communicating with your customers.  When it’s done well, it has the ability to nurture customers and retain their loyalty, when implemented badly….

Affiliate Marketing is often misunderstood by smaller businesses, yet it is extremely powerful and can, with the right set-up and management provide numerous sales funnels for a business.  If you have a product that others can also market, this is one avenue that is definitely worth following up.

Conversion Architecture is all about keeping it simple and getting the user to their end goal in the quickest and easiest manner possible.  The user’s end goal should match your business goal, if you want them to buy, your site is set up to sell etc.  My goal on this site to educate you, to help set out the possibilities of digital marketing and make it easy for you to contact me to discuss your individual business needs further – all feedback gratefully received.

Social Media & Blogging the buzz words of digital marketing today.   So important in communicating with customers current and potential.  Getting your business in front of users in as many different ways as possible, social media offers great opportunities to a business, many of which can be implemented independently with a little guidance and a good strategy and set-up.

Analytic Reporting is the only way to determine whether a campaign is working for your business.  Is your bottom line growing, are you making more sales, is the cost of the marketing being covered and making a good return for your business.  Often the only way to track all of this is through analysing the data, pulling it apart to assess which funnel is complementing the others and which is just costing you time and money.