Search Engine Optimisation

You’ve recognised that less and less people are referred to your business from the Yellow Pages and that some of your competitors are all over the first page of the search results when you do a search for your core service or product(s).

Your products are better, your staff more knowledgible and your service second to none.  So why is your main competitor there rather than you?

This is the most common reason for requesting help to get found on the major search engine.  We all have the Google habit, when we need information, a service or want to browse for a product we head straight to our computer and use this search engine.

Direct mail has its place but as somebody joked on Twitter recently  “Some guy has printed out the entire listings of and posted it through my letter box!”  There are quicker ways to find things.

Google is continually changing how it returns information in relation to search queries.  It’s always looking to provide the best data for you.  Not the guy next door who has different interests, habits and preferences, but you, and so it takes into consideration as much personal data as you allow it through your browsing history, location and what it understands from your query.

So where does that leave us in terms of Search Engine Optimisation?

Well, SEO professionals continually update their understanding of why one site tops another on page  along with all the different ways to appear amongst these first page listings..  The edges change andsocial media has definitely impacted results here, but at its core Google ranks brands because they have lots of useful & interesting content around the keyword in the search phrase and lots of other sites linking to this content (which is what gives it its relevance & credibility).

Before any Search Engine Optimisation campaign begins a full site audit should be completed – there is no point driving traffic to a site that is recording a 70% bounce rate.  Spending your marketing budget on getting the site positioned correctly andconverting these browsers will reap far more benefits – and we can do this with and for you!

If your need for sales is more pressing, why not try Paid Advertising (PPC) with a new landing page to capture your users interest?

Give us a call, we’re here and just waiting to get our hands on your online assets!