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The marriage of SEO and Social – Meet the Seocials

the marriage of seo and social mediaFirst of all can anybody pronounce SeoCial? What does it mean? What percentage of the infants that it spawns need to have SEO genes and likewise Social genes to survive and flourish in the future?

So SEO has evolved from keywords on-page to keywords linking back to your page(s) and now to keywords talked about all over the internet. Poor SEO is beginning to doubt its own ability – all those pandas, penguins and over-optimisation updates have really played havoc with the SEO mindset.

Well, I for one think this is a marriage made in heaven, social content on its own may get you a little star attraction on the SERPS, but you need the SEO behind it to make it work for your business.

So what should you being doing with your online marketing strategy as we move forward into this new territory of Seocial? Well, start writing some great copy, killer copy = killer sales, this has been the case since one man tried to get another to buy from him. Trying to rank a website, especially a new website on backlinks alone will only get so far now. Google bots eat up copy and useful information, so don’t let those bots go hungry.

It is about creating new content, refreshing your site on-page by changing its wording a little here and there is great for keeping it fresh and alive, but do that for your users not for the search engines. You want to write about what you know and share this to help others make a decision on your product or service(s), inform them of something you understand or entertain / engage them with your opinion etc.

If you are having SEO pieces of content written for the keywords they contain ask yourself if you would want to read it, if not best change tactic.

Once that copy is written, think about where you are going to promote it – on twitter, facebook, linkedin, google + or pinterest. What will it look like, does it need a feature image, a good rich snippet of coding, a tweet ready title etc. Are there specific groups that would be interested in reading it – hunt them down in LinkedIn or Quora and see where it could inform and help others.

Old Links
So what do you do if you previously worked on optimising your site with back-links and had great rankings but are watching them slip each month (along with traffic/sales). Well go to Open Explorer or Majecstic SEO and do a backlink profile to find out how those links look, what anchor text was used, which pages are linked to etc and then see if you can either re-adjust these links with more natural anchor text (very time consuming and relies on will of other webmaster) or get rid of the bad boy links.

New Links
If neither of these options is possible, then try to increase uou link profile with your new copy. To do this, you will need to get involved in the social sites and start to build up followers, connections and Likes first – which seems to be the stage most smaller companies are at just now and then publish your new content on these sites – you can publish each piece of content in different formats to suit the social site in question and change the actual tweet wordings to see which version gets the most clicks and traction for your website. Syndicate this content around the web, this is especially good for video cotent (did you know how easy it is to create and have a Google Hangout live in Youtube and on your site?)

Market your self now
Just make a start, think of what you could write about and share what would be of interest to others. Write down a content plan to cover the next 6 months so that there is a framework around your content and you do not repeat things – topical items can be added in as extras. Look at the titles of each bit of content – can they be changed for the different mediums or can the written work be videod? Make sure you use good tags on everything and add SEO plugins to blogs. Then just have some fun, get a group of employees together or even just yourself, start to brainstorm your ideas – I use a dictophone to capture my mad thoughts rather than writing them down which can slow down the creative process. Once that content is out there make sure to create links to it and to interlink between the bits of copy you create.

In between posting your own content, don’t forget to read what others are sharing and to let them know you appreciate it by retweeting them or commenting on their blogs – sharing, after all, is what makes the world go round in a self fulfilling positive circle. Oh and one last thing, social networking is not a new version of classified ads – work to a ratio of 8 engagements to 2 self promotions. Have fun.

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