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Search Engine Optimisation is all about positioning your website as interesting, knowledgeable and with lots of content to fill these credentials you gain links to your content from other websites. if people are including you socially in their discussions, you have a heady mix that will work for your business

What will happen in the ‘Mobile Apocalypse’?

Mobile has been the word on everyone’s lips this year – it’s the story of the go-getter kid from the 80s that’s morphed into the sleek, shiny smartphone that’s in your pocket right now. Today our phones contain more computing … Continue reading

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International SEO: are the big brands failing?

Using the hreflang can seriously improve your international SEO efforts, but it’s emerging that some big international brands are falling well short of the mark. Last week we talked about using hreflang tags to improve your international SEO (see the … Continue reading

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Going International, Digitally

When expanding into new markets internationally it pays to invest the time upfront into planning out your digital presence. Not just fulfilling the requirements of the various search engines, but thinking about the most important part – your new audience. … Continue reading

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