Digital Marketing Strategy

The perfect digital marketing strategy for your business depends on a number of factors. Do you sell B2B or B2C? What is a unit sale worth? Are your customers local, national or global? Do customers buy once or is repeat business almost guaranteed?

Understanding the sales cycle of your company is essential to identifying the touch points that can be tapped into to reach your target audience. We need to understand how leads are generated at present, who your ideal customer is, who your bread and butter customer is and who you are looking to expand your goods or services to.

Once we understand the customers you are targeting we can research whether users are searching for your goods/products/services and assess the competition you face locally and online.

Our goal is to generate new leads for your business, to be able to demonstrate what works for your company and to keep on improving your brand visibility to keep the sales coming in.

Through a deep understanding of the heart and mindset of your company, we can assess the potential of the marketing to make a return on your marketing investment and ultimately create a strategic marketing plan that can be monitored and measured.

Our initial consultation is free. If you would like to take our partnership a step further a full research consultation is undertaken. If you would like to implement our marketing plan we would continue a monthly working relationship.

We never hold clients to long term contracts but ask for 3 month periods of work to be signed off and reviewed. Marketing can be a slow burn, especially social networking.

Please call 0131 220 8217 to talk through your business and where we can help you take it.