Email Marketing

Depending on how you set up and manage your digital communications, email marketing can range in its usefulness from downright annoying to a beautifully simple method of nurturing users not quite ready to buy, but interested in your product or service.

Pushing out un-targeted emails to people from a paid list or to companies you have met networking etc may be worth investing your time and energy in, but more often than not keeping it small, targeted and strategically planned (as with most marketing messages) will reap you the greatest rewards.

We are firm believers in automating as much marketing as possible.  But to automate takes a great degree of planning upfront, understanding of your target audience, why they buy from you, what you can engage them with and then how you can nurture the relationship by adding value to the user’s experience.

When implemented well you will convert more leads, boost your sales and grow your database with new customers.

We work with a variety of email platforms including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Infusionsoft – matching your database, product and service to your target market is essential. These platform will enable the communications but are only as intelligent as their operator. If you would like to find out more about how email marketing could help your business, call or email to arrange an initial consultation.