50% of businesses admit that they ‘do’ digital without any strategic planning even though they are actively investing time and money on digital communications!  Our Digital Consultancy will enable you to audit your approach to digital marketing, identify your strengths and clearly communicate these to your target audience.

Evaluated on our results, our service provides strategic direction along with an action plan to achieve your goals. If you can’t answer the following questions book a 1 hour consultation.

  • Do you understand your market share and how to defend it against the competition?
  • Are your value proposition & business goals understood internally and communicated effectively?
  • Do you understand who you are speaking to online and what they want to know?
  • Can you identify the customer journey as buyers research online and do you understand why they buy from you?
  • Does someone in your organisation understand the data collected online and do they report on what works and what doesn’t?

Whether you are looking for help with the digitisation of your business – reviewing every customer touch point to achieve your business goals – or to focus on your digital marketing communications, we can help make doing business with you easier, slicker and more efficient.

Our Digital Consultancy is a front end service which takes your business through a series of steps to audit your business before creating a planned roadmap you can follow, measure and optimise. We ask questions about your business and really get to the heart of who you are, who your customers are and what will work for them.  We audit your digital assets, research your competitors, explore how, where and when your target audience interact online and combine all of this together to form both an overarching strategy and a tangible, realistic, measurable roadmap of actions which can be measured and optimised month-on-month.

Procured on a project basis with key milestones, our consultancy service aims to help you outperform your competition as a digital leader in your market sector.

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