A well designed sales funnel

It is important to separate out the look of your website from its usability.  Some of the uglier looking sites work extremely well in terms of converting users into leads because they understand who they are talking to and make sure it is easy to find all the information required to make a decision or complete an action on the website.

Keep it simple.  State what you are about and place your products / services in an easy to view order and have a good search facility (especially for e-commerce sites).  However, the main point of a website funnel (known in the trade as conversion architecture) is to let your audience identify themselves on the landing page and find the solution they are looking for.

We have worked with many companies to identify their main audience(s) and create a voice and/or detailed strategy to set up the conversion funnels required to meet these users’ needs. Bigger sites and products/services with lots of different target markets need careful frameworking to ensure they are simple to use. Our own goal is much simpler.

We aim to provide information about our services to companies looking to expand their marketing activities digitally. If this is you, you may want more information on the different services available and to know how you tap into these. You may want to launch a particular service or product or focus on a particular geographic market – we aim to explain how each digital tactic works, to educate you that the tactics can be used individually or combined into a digital marketing plan and implemented in a timeline.

If our information is set out clearly it should drive you as the reader to pick up the phone for a free consultation or to complete an enquiry form for more information. Our business goal at this point is to start a conversation with you, we hope you feel that a relationship could emerge from the information you read here, one that can be developed through talking on the phone or meeting in person.

We’ll let you decide how we achieve this – please use theemail address above to let us know how we can improve our architecture.