The Latest Social Media Campaign to Raise the Bar

So, most of us were aware of the #Nomakeupselfie campaign which flooded Facebook and Twitter, including celebrities from Holly Willoughby to Kelly Brooke.

The social media phenomenon raised £8 million pounds in the first ten days alone.

This has provided enough funding to enable…


Published Date: 4th April 2014
Category: Internet Marketing
Tags: nomakeupselfie, social media, social media campaign, social media marketing


Optimise Your Conversion Rate Using Human Psychology

Understanding the psychology behind our motivation to buy a good / product is the most important factor in advertising.  It lies at the heart of good conversion optimisation.  It’s not rocket science and there’s no hard and fast set of rules which dupe unsuspecting potential customers into purchasing things…


Published Date: 24th March 2014
Category: PPC
Tags: optimise your conversion rate


PPC Top Tips on How to Prepare for Mother’s Day

With Mothering Sunday on the 30th March, this only leaves a couple of weeks to prepare.

Mother’s Day fuels consumer spending up to three times higher than Father’s Day, according to a global shopping trends infographic released last June by Rakuten.

So what are the key steps to…


Published Date: 17th March 2014
Category: PPC
Tags: mother's day, ppc management