Mobile-geddon: 3 weeks on


The world as we knew it changed on Tuesday the 21st April 2015. Never again would searching on your smartphone be the same. Sites would fall. There would be people crying in the street. Perhaps even the world would stop spinning on its axis.


Published Date: 12th May 2015
Category: Internet Marketing
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All buzzwords must die

SoLoMo All Buzzwords Must Die

So maybe I’ve watched a little too much Game of Thrones recently, but I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts towards those overloading their content with tired, unhelpful or just downright annoying buzzwords. Here are a list of the 9 that really drive me crazy – but…


Published Date: 5th May 2015
Category: Internet Marketing
Tags: Buzzwords, Content, digital marketing


7 Content marketing blogs we’re reading

Blogs we're reading

If you’re anything like us you are pretty much always thinking about content. Like this morning, for example, when I was queuing up for an over-priced coffee with a silly name the two businessmen in front of me talking about the best news sources for their industry…


Published Date: 23rd April 2015
Category: Content
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Should I pay to promote my content?

Paid Promotion Content

Has this question crossed your mind lately? If you produce content on a regular basis then the answer is probably yes.

In a recently Content Strategist article founder and CEO of Keywee (a content distribution service) Yaniv Makover said “I think it’s very…


Published Date: 15th April 2015
Category: Content, Social Media
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How to get more from your content

Recycling content

In a recent post we talked about using the right kind of content to get the most from your content, but when we talk about getting photos, creative guides or videos one of the most likely…


Published Date: 25th March 2015
Category: Content
Tags: Content, Images, Photos, Video