Should I pay to promote my content?

Paid Promotion Content

Has this question crossed your mind lately? If you produce content on a regular basis then the answer is probably yes.

In a recently Content Strategist article founder and CEO of Keywee (a content distribution service) Yaniv Makover said “I think it’s very…


Published Date: 15th April 2015
Category: Content, Social Media
Tags: Content, content marketing, paid advertising, social media


How to get more from your content

Recycling content

In a recent post we talked about using the right kind of content to get the most from your content, but when we talk about getting photos, creative guides or videos one of the most likely…


Published Date: 25th March 2015
Category: Content
Tags: Content, Images, Photos, Video


What will happen in the ‘Mobile Apocalypse’?

Mobile search Apocalypse

Mobile has been the word on everyone’s lips this year – it’s the story of the go-getter kid from the 80s that’s morphed into the sleek, shiny smartphone that’s in your pocket right now. Today our phones contain more computing power than took man to the moon,…


Published Date: 18th March 2015
Category: Internet Marketing, SEO
Tags: Mobile, Search, seo


International SEO: are the big brands failing?

International Brands SEO

Using the hreflang can seriously improve your international SEO efforts, but it’s emerging that some big international brands are falling well short of the mark.

Last week we talked about using hreflang tags to improve your international SEO (see the full post…


Published Date: 13th March 2015
Category: International, Internet Marketing, SEO
Tags: Brands, International, seo


What kind of content should I make?

What Content

With interruptive advertising not working and more often than not just annoying people it’s not difficult to see why so many organisations have turned to content and content marketing. What is not so obvious though is how to do it well.

Big brands have had…


Published Date: 10th March 2015
Category: Content
Tags: Content, Content Ideas, Content Types