Our Approach

At Mash, we focus on providing a real partnership with your business.  We expect to be in your office or having a conference call with you and / or your marketing team each week.  We do this because we need to understand your business, your staff, your clients, your competition and your business goals to effectively implement a great marketing strategy.

This is not abstract digital ivory tower thinking executed by juniors.  We listen, think and then do.

We plan out your marketing strategy around your resources. What works in the way of Events or Trade Shows or Search Engine Advertising for one company may not fit your needs, budget or operational capability.

On an ongoing basis our clients have live access to all reports, work plans and advertising platforms used. We value transparency and ownership. It dismays us how often clients come on board without ownership of their own data and have to start from scratch.

Understanding the information you need to manage your marketing investment is also a top priority for us. You may want the big numbers alone – how many more sales, members, tickets, leads or downloads were made month on month.  Or, like us, you may revel in the data and the science of making digital media work for your company. The old saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” has never been so apt as it is for internet marketing where a digital footprint is left at every turn.

We offer an initial client meeting free of charge – well apart from the coffee.

Give us a call today, there is nothing better than listening to a business owner or sales manager explaining company growth plans – except (of course) being a part of this success.