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Whether you want new leads and sales or, to use an old idiom, bums on seats, a fully integrated marketing strategy is a must. Pair it with a clear action plan and on-point measurement tactics, and you will reap the rewards. Mash, with our digitally native perspective has developed just such an approach.

  • Full Marketing

    Full Marketing Strategy Mash Marketing

    If you don’t have a full marketing strategy, don’t worry. We regularly partner with brands which are looking to create a new marketing strategy; often for a new location being opened, a new product or service being launched, or because the company has set itself a new vision and needs re-positioned.   Working with the board, business owner or managing director we deliver the complete marketing strategy for your team to work with.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Strategy Mash Marketing

    If you already have a marketing strategy it probably says something like “digital marketing is important”, but doesn’t elaborate further. This is useless. We work with many clients as a trusted partner to their marketing team to deliver digital marketing that aligns with their overall strategy. We use tactics like Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media and Search Optimisation all wrapped up in digital analytics to achieve your desired business goals.

  • Digital Training

    Training Courses Mash Marketing

    Often you have a plan (or we’ve helped you create one) with a clear approach and objectives, but your team don’t have the skills to implement it. We provide a range of standard and bespoke training courses to ensure that your team have the latest practical digital marketing knowledge and skills. We offer courses in Google Analytics, Social Media, Content Marketing and Paid Advertising, plus courses tailored to your specific needs.

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”

This quote from John Wannamaker rings true for many directors and marketers, but at Mash we can put an end to this not knowing. The advantage of a Mash strategy is that we create the infrastructure that ensures everything is measurable from the outset. That means every penny spent online AND offline is tracked, so we can do more of what works for you.

Every business is different, so to really help you we need to understand your vision and objectives. Why not schedule a meeting to discuss where your business is at present and how we can help drive it forward.